See The Side-By-Side Comparison Of 1994 ‘Lion King’ Animation VS Its 2019 Remake

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1994 (left) vs 2019 (right) versions of The Lion King

The first trailer for The Lion King live-action remake has finally been released and it is due to hit theaters in July 2019.

This modern version, directed by Jon Favreau, honors the classic animated movie that won fans around the world when it was released in 1994.

James Earl Jones voices ‘Mufasa’ amidst a star-studded cast, backed by a brand-new song for the live-action film.

Seeing as how The Lion King is one of Disney’s most famous animations of all time, it comes with no surprise that comparisons are being made between this 2019 release and the original.

The opening scene shows the sunrise over ‘Savannaland’, which serves as an accurate recreation of that from the 1994 animation. The side-by-side video starkly contrasts modern CGI with the original’s stylized animation. The remake has chosen to depict the antelopes from the opening scene similar to the original film, where they are seen leaping beautifully and bowing in the presence of ‘Simba’.

The new trailer also includes the symbolic moment when young ‘Simba’ places his paw within his father’s paw print on the ground. The remake, however, features this from a different camera angle, possibly to make the scene work better in CGI.

Take a look at more scenes placed side-by-side with the 1994 film below.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the new Lion King trailer with the same exact scenes from the 1994 original movie.

tbh even if this remake gets terrible reviews I’m still gonna go see it #TheLionKing #LionKing

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The #LionKing animated film to live action film comparison! (1/2)

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The #LionKing (2/2)

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See The Side-By-Side Comparison Of 1994 ‘Lion King’ Animation VS Its 2019 Remake

November 26, 2018 at 01:51AM
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