Steve Buscemi as a Super Hero Issue


We love Steve Buscemi; and so do you.

We have decided to put together a special issue entirely dedicated to Mr. Steve Buscemi.. as a Super Hero…

Steve Buscemi | The Super Hero Issue

Everyone loves Buscemi and we think he is very close to super hero status.   We are celebrating Steve Buscemi and his many facets with this issue.

What is the Steve Buscemi Super Hero Issue?

The Steve Buscemi is a curated print issue depicting Steve Buscemi as a super hero by talented artist from all over the world.

What we are looking for?

We are pretty open, here are a few things in our heads:

1)  Japanese anime Steve Buscemi (think sailormoon)
2)  Superhero, or Super Villain is equally interesting
3)  Superhero Buscemi fighting other supervillain Buscemi would be pretty hilarious
4) 16 bit Supermario Buscemi would be cool
*Keep everything digital; we can’t accept paintings or crochets :/

How can I get a copy of the Steve Buscemi | The Super Hero Issue?

There are several ways you can get an issue:

1)  Contribute a piece (good or “bad”)
2)  Introduce yourself and tell us why you should get an issue ( )
3)  Random lottery drawing (enter by sending an email to: )
4)  have 5 of your friends email us why you should get a copy ( )

How can I participate and contribute to the Steve Buscemi | Super Hero Issue?

It’s pretty easy.  Just submit a piece and we’ll take care of the rest (

Steve Buscemi: Super Hero or Super Villain?

We’ll leave it up to you! 😀