Disney Unveils Teaser Trailer For Tim Burton’s Darker, Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Film

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Dumbo proves that your “weirdness” can be your most honorable strength—people might not get it now, but there’ll come a time when they might eat their words. It’s a befitting reminder in an era where society expects people to look and act in certain ways.

Disney has unleashed the teaser trailer for the live-action remake of the 1941 classic. Tim Burton, whose wish to work for the company was turned down when he was 16 years old, imbues his spine-tingling magic in this adaptation.

The story follows a baby elephant, born in a struggling circus, who is mocked for his oversized ears. Former performer ‘Holt Farrier’ (Collin Farrell) and his children are tasked by circus owner ‘Max Medici’ (Danny DeVito) to care for ‘Dumbo’. The elephant’s oddity turns into a marvel when it is later discovered that he can fly.

Thanks to him, the circus makes a comeback, and ‘Dumbo’ is recruited by entrepreneur ‘V.A. Vandevere’ (Michael Keaton) to star in his entertainment venture, ‘Dreamland’. The elephant soars his way to success alongside aerial artist ‘Colette Marchant’ (Eva Green), until ‘Holt’ learns that ‘Dreamland’ isn’t as dreamlike as one might think.

Have a first glimpse of the film in the teaser trailer below. The live-action Dumbo debuts in cinemas on March 29 2019.

Video screenshot via Disney Movie Trailers

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Disney Unveils Teaser Trailer For Tim Burton’s Darker, Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Film

June 13, 2018 at 09:24PM
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