Cheap AI Shaves ‘Superman’s Mustache More Cleanly Than Warner Bros’ US$5M Job

Cheap AI Shaves ‘Superman’s Mustache More Cleanly Than Warner Bros’ US$5M Job
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Composite image by DesignTAXI. Background video screenshot via Deep Fakes

When the Justice League film premiered in November, its plot was lost on some viewers—they were too distracted by the wonky CGI effects Warner Brothers used to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache.

“[The mustache’s] essence definitely lingers,” wrote BuzzFeed .

Deep Fakes Club , a community in awe of the controversial fake porn clips that realistically have celebrities’ faces stuck on adult stars’ bodies, attests that the algorithm isn’t just for faceswapping. “[It] can produce visual effects that would normally be quite costly to implement.”

The club’s moderator demonstrated the tool on the facial hair on Henry Cavill, who played ‘Superman’ in Justice League. As it turns out, Warner Brothers’ alleged US$5 million job had nothing on this AI’s ‘shaving’ skills, and it involved just a regular computer.

“I used a US$500 computer bought off Craigslist and  free ‘deepfakes’ software  to teach an AI how to digitally remove Henry [Cavill’s] mustache in a variety of situations,” they detailed in a blog post .

Watch the digital barber at work in the video below.

Video via Deep Fakes

[via Nerdist , video and cover image via Deep Fakes ]

February 8, 2018 at 06:38PM