Zuckerberg Summons Awkward ‘Congress’ Self To Introduce ‘Laugh Together’ Feature

Video screenshot via Facebook Developers

Facebook’s involvement in a data breach with Cambridge Analytica saw CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying at Congress at a lengthy, two-day hearing. You might have expected him to look like a deer caught in headlights; thankfully, he did better than many anticipated, but his awkwardness still shone through.

At the recent F8 developer’s conference, Zuckerberg not only addressed Facebook’s willingness to change, he also joined in the internet’s jokes by poking fun at his uneasy situation in front of Congress.

In introducing ‘Watch Party’, a new “shared viewing” feature that lets group admins watch public videos with their members at the same time, the Facebook co-founder cheekily joked:

“Let’s say that your friend is testifying in Congress… Now you’re going to be able to bring all your friends together. You can laugh together, you can cry together.”

“Some of my friends actually did this! Let’s not do that again any time soon.”

Watch the full conference here. You can skip to the 17:38 mark to hear Zuckerberg’s joke.

[via Facebook Developers]

Zuckerberg Summons Awkward ‘Congress’ Self To Introduce ‘Laugh Together’ Feature

May 2, 2018 at 03:27AM
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