Woman’s Conversation With An ‘IRS’ Scammer Is Going Viral And It’s Too Funny To Read

We’ve all heard about people getting scammed. From old grandmas giving away their life savings to “help their grandchildren after an accident,” to otherwise intelligent and trusting people falling prey to people posing as police or the government, no one seems to be immune from the threat of losing valuable information. Experts suggest that it’s best not to engage in any suspicious calls, however, Seattle resident Hadeel Al-Massari did the opposite and it resulted in a hilarious exchange.

On April 3rd indie yarn dyer Hadeel shared her scammer story on Twitter, where it quickly went viral with over 30K shares and likes. The scammer, claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called Hadeel claiming that she had “defaulted” on her tax payments, and proceeded to request her credit card information. Fortunately she didn’t fall for the setup, and recorded the entire conversation while having a little fun with the douchey scamster.

After calling out some of the scammer’s mistakes, the mysterious person hung up and Hadeel posted the transcript online. People were quick to praise her and share their own experiences, some of them are just as shocking and hilarious. It seems that it’s getting increasingly difficult to trust strangers these days, but don’t let it turn you into a cynical grouch. Just be vigilant, use common sense and don’t give out your credit details to anyone you don’t know!

Scroll down to read the hilarious conversation below and tell us if you think she handled the situation well. Have you ever been the victim of a scam? Share your stories so we can all learn what to look out for!

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Meet Hadeel Al-Massari, an indie yarn dyer, who just received a call she was waiting for her whole life

Hadeel shared her story on Twitter where it quickly went viral with about 30K shares and likes

Hadeel clarified that while she’s not an attorney, she does have some knowledge on tax laws

She also refused to share the actual recording as it is illegal in the state of Washington

Al-Massari also took her time to clarify that it was not a telemarketer, but a scammer

People on Twitter were quick to praise her and share their own experiences

Woman’s Conversation With An ‘IRS’ Scammer Is Going Viral And It’s Too Funny To Read
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April 5, 2018 at 05:24AM
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