What You See In This Optical Illusion Depends On Your Age, According To Study

A classic optical illusion that has resurfaced on the internet will leave you looking a little harder at your screen than usual.

My Wife or Mother-in-Law is a 1915 optical illusion originally published by British cartoonist William Ely Hill. Here, viewers will see either a young woman looking away or a hook-nosed elderly woman with a side profile depending on your age, according to researchers.

Inside an Australian study published by Scientific Reports, older women had a tendency to automatically notice the elderly lady, while younger women perceived the youthful woman’s image. The study included 393 participants between the ages 18 and 68, where the average age of the participants was 32-years-old.

Each was shown the optical illusion for half a second before being asked to reveal the gender and age of the figure they perceived. Most of them saw the younger woman first, which could be because many of the participants belonged in the lower age group.

The researchers then divided the participants, where they invited the youngest 10 percent and oldest 10 percent, only to achieve the same results.

The aim of the study is to test if “own-age biases” are capable of affecting an interpretation of a picture at a subconscious level.

Have a go at the image below. For those struggling to see the alternate in the illusion, the younger woman’s chin doubles up as the elderly woman’s nose, while her ear becomes the old lady’s eye.

[via Indy 100, images via Wikipedia (Public Domain)]

What You See In This Optical Illusion Depends On Your Age, According To Study

September 27, 2018 at 03:29AM
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