NASA Shares The Meaning Behind Its Famous ‘Meatball’ Logo Design

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US president Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force designs have nothing on NASA’s current logo, which has survived for 60 years while remaining trendy and recently even inspired Ariana Grande’s new merchandise.

Affectionately known as the “meatball” logo, the round lettermark was designed by employee James Modarelli in 1959 with multiple symbols in mind, as described by the space agency in a tweet.

NASA details that the spherical shape of the insignia symbolizes a planet, with the formation of white stars representing space.

What’s lesser known are the meanings behind the abstract shapes of the red v-shaped vector and circular orbit design, which NASA explains denote aeronautics and space travel respectively.

NASA has also shared a blog post explaining the evolution of its logo, which you can read here.

Did you know? Our insignia was designed in 1959 and is filled with symbolism:

🔵 The sphere represents a planet
✨ The stars represent space
✈️ The v-shaped vector represents aeronautics
🚀 The circular orbit represents space travel

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— NASA (@NASA) May 12, 2019

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NASA Shares The Meaning Behind Its Famous ‘Meatball’ Logo Design

May 12, 2019 at 11:15PM
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