Live FAST Magazine | Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble is a director, photographer, designer, and muralist living in Los Angeles. His work, a steady diet of offbeat chic, operates in a particularly tasty color palate. This collection, “Floating,” has our heart strings singing late summer melodies and our imaginations taking a stroll around the block. Alex Noiret is all dolled up and striking the perfect notes, the dialogue between her body and floating flowers has got me interested in the space we keep and how we occupy it, our elbows and wrists and the angles they make. There is something so settling about the simple beauty found here. It gets me feeling pretty, it gets me feeling like a lady, it get me wanting more from Jimmy Marble as soon as possible. His prints are for sale on Big Cartel and his portfolio is filled with rich images, long limbs, and perfectly executed intentions.

Source: Live FAST Magazine