LEGO Debuts All-New Product For Adults To De-Stress, Stimulate Creativity

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It looks like classic children’s toy brand LEGO is widening its net to fish a whole different market segment: adults.

The Danish toy maker has announced its brand-new product, LEGO ‘FORMA’, designed specially for adults seeking creative ways to de-stress.

“Inspired by nature, LEGO ‘FORMA’ aspires to be a new theme where you can customize with different ‘skins’ – foil sheets – to create artistic interpretations of plants and animals,” LEGO explains inside a press release.

The product, which has launched in partnership with IndieGoGo, comes with one model of a fish and multiple available skins. This lets the user change its color, species, and even alter its form entirely, thereby stimulating his or her creativity. The model itself takes several hours to complete, and serves as a form of artistic therapy in this increasingly hectic world.

LEGO ‘FORMA’ marks the brand’s first pilot project under its fresh strategic approach to open up its innovation, as well as products and idea testing, beyond the confines of its Creative Play Lab. It aims to roll out more pilots in the coming years that will allow LEGO to explore ideas, crowdsource others, and gather real-time feedback from consumers.

For now, LEGO ‘FORMA’ has been released as a limited, short-run batch as the company intends to determine if there’s an appetite for such products in the market.

Find out more about LEGO ‘FORMA’ in the video below and on its IndieGoGo page.

[via LEGO, video via The LEGO Group]

LEGO Debuts All-New Product For Adults To De-Stress, Stimulate Creativity

November 15, 2018 at 08:32PM
via TAXI Daily News