Google Street View’s ‘Photographer’ Gets Unmasked By Dedicated Tumblr Account

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Just as Google has become part and parcel of the daily web-browsing experience, its ‘Maps’ counterpart is heavily depended upon by commuters and vehicle owners alike. For those who aren’t as adept at directions, the app has a handy ‘Street View’ version that helps visualize surroundings.

Some might wonder who the hero behind these visuals, which span streets across the globe, might be. Thankfully, there are times when the photographer’s “face” appears in images, and there’s even a Tumblr account revealing them.

Called ‘the camera in the mirror’, the page chronicles the several occasions Google Maps’ ‘Street View’ has captured its reflection in mirrors.

The photographer is shown as an elevated camera on wheels, so it’s good to know no human has been harmed in this taxing worldwide project. Despite the Black Mirror-like undertones, the series’ pictures are as adorable as robots can get.

Preview some screenshots of Google’s ‘Street View’ at work and explore more here.

Google’s street view camera taking photos of itself in mirrors. Scifi wonderfulness.

— Daniel Benneworth-Gray (@gray) April 20, 2019

Looking fabulous darling.

— Daniel Benneworth-Gray (@gray) April 20, 2019

— phoenix (@fi_nn) April 20, 2019

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Google Street View’s ‘Photographer’ Gets Unmasked By Dedicated Tumblr Account

April 22, 2019 at 01:21AM
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