Gala Dalí’s Irrepressible Legacy


Women, in general, have been hard done by when it comes to the history of the Surrealist movement. Often relegated to the status of wives, lovers, and/or muses – cast in ancillary roles, written about and remembered only in the context of providing support, sex and stimulus to the Great Men around them – it’s only been in more recent years that we’ve seen an explosion of interest in their lives and, crucially, their work. From Lee Miller to Valentine Penrose to Leonor Fini, it’s a rich time…

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2.-Dalí-i-Domènech,-Salvador.-Gala-Placidia.-Gal 3.-Dalí-d'esquena-pintant-Gala-d'esquena-eternitz 4.-Salvador-Dalí.-Retrat-de-Gala-amb-dues-costell 5.-Salvador-dalí.-Madonna-de-Portlligat,-1949.-Ha 6.-Salvador-Dalí.-La-mémoire-de-la-femme-enfant- 7.-Salvador-Dalí.-Gala,-1931.-FGSD-0419 
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Gala Dalí’s Irrepressible Legacy
By Rosalind Jana

August 8, 2018 at 04:19AM
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