Directors’ Cuts: Marco Brambilla

Directors’ Cuts: Marco Brambilla
Directors’ Cuts: Marco Brambilla The iconic shot of a doe-eyed Dorothy in 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz clicking her sparkly red heels together to wish her way back home to Kansas – played, of course, by Judy Garland – is today transformed into an abstract homage to the golden age of filmmaking in this eerie short by the New York-based video artist Marco Brambilla.

“Wizard of Oz,” which has been overlaid with the score from Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne No.4,” is part of Brambilla’s Celluloid series, which also includes clips from cult classics including 2001: A Space Odyssey and An American in Paris .

“In a way these videos are about bringing the movies back to their roots, transferring them to physical film, and then creating an abstraction through the treatment, which somehow reinforces the original emotional charge of the scene for me,” says Brambilla. “This particular moment in the film stayed with me since I saw The Wizard of Oz as a child for the first time – so it’s actually very personal in that sense.”

The Celluloid project began a year and a half ago, with Brambilla sampling images from cinematic moments that he felt were embedded in our collective subconscious, and then transferring them back onto actual film, before decomposing the strips using acid and other chemical treatments to create the impressionistic feel.

Marco Brambilla’s top film soundtrack cover versions

Karen Souza: “Creep” (Radiohead), taken from Zero Theorem (Dir: Terry GIlliam)
Seu Jorge: “Rebel Rebel” (David Bowie), taken from The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Dir: Wes Anderson)
Nicolas Cage: “Love me Tender” (Elvis Presley), taken from Wild at Heart (Dir: David Lynch)
Eumir Deodato: “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (Richard Strauss), taken from Being There (Dir: Hal Ashby)
Isao Tomita: “Claire De Lune” (Claude Debussy), taken from Oceans 13 (Dir: Steven Soderbergh)
Rebekah Del Rio: “Llorando (Crying)” (Roy Orbison), taken from Mulholland Drive (Dir: David Lynch)
Wendy Carlos: “Symphonie Fantastique” (Hector Berlioz), taken from The Shining (Dir: Stanley Kubrick)
Gipsy Kings: “Hotel California” (The Eagles), taken from The Big Lebowski (Dir: Joel Ethan Coen)
Joaquin Phoenix: “Ring of Fire” (Johnny Cash), taken from Walk the Line (Dir: James Mangold)
Walter Murphy: “A Fifth of Beethoven” (Beethoven), taken from Saturday Night Fever (Dir:John Badham)

August 19, 2015 at 03:39PM