Cheeky ‘Banksy’ Halloween Costume Is Truly A Sign Of The Times

Video screenshot via Banksy

Banksy singlehandedly drew the world’s attention to the art sphere with a now-famous stunt that saw the partial shredding of the US$1.4 million artwork, Girl with Balloon. The piece has since been christened Love is in the Bin.

One reason people seem so invested in this prank might be because it’s so telling of the way things have panned out in 2018, and when to depict these times than spooky ol’ Halloween?

Innovative Redditor ‘MrRicardo’ said his friend requested for a last-minute Halloween costume, and “I think I delivered!”

The next-level outfit is basically a t-shirt with a recreated illustration of Banksy’s Girl with Balloon. The top is also reduced to shreds, of course.

It’s a perfect costume to sum up the events of 2018, and the best part is it doesn’t cost US$1.4 million.

My friend needed a last minute Halloween costume – I think I delivered! from r/pics

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Cheeky ‘Banksy’ Halloween Costume Is Truly A Sign Of The Times

October 23, 2018 at 04:11AM
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