Cannes Lions 2018’s Winning Grand Prix Advertisements That Had People Talking

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Some commercials force you to walk away as soon as they pop up on your television screen—but not these.

Last week, Cannes Lions—one of the most notable awards festivals for advertising in the world—crowned its winners for 2018. This year’s selection process went a little differently; rather than assigning one prize to one ad, the titles were shared among 25 submissions.

Enjoy some show-stopping advertisements that clinched the Grand Prix awards, and head over to the Cannes Lions site to discover more.

‘Film’ Grand Prix: It’s a Tide Ad by Saatchi & Saatchi for Tide

Saatchi & Saatchi’s series of spots for Tide had fans spiraling into an advertising inception during the Super Bowl season. In It’s a Tide Ad, the agency made people realize that every commercial with clean clothes is essentially a Tide ad.

‘Titanium’, ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and ‘Direct’ Grand Prix awards: Palau Pledge by Red Agency Sydney for Palau Legacy Project

Grabbing three Grand Prix awards in one fell swoop is Red Agency Sydney, which proposed the Palau Pledge. Palau, a Micronesian archipelago of over 500 islands, is now the first nation to have visitors sign a pledge in their passports to promise ecological responsibility.

‘Glass Lion for Change’ Grand Prix: Blood Normal by AMV BBDO for Libresse/Bodyform

The ‘Glass Lion for Change’ award recognizes campaigns that help create change, and AMV BBDO’s ad certainly did so by lifting stigmas about the natural female body—period. Blood Normal is the very first menstrual product commercial to represent period blood with a red, instead of blue, liquid. The bold move has granted the agency the ‘Glass Lion for Change’ Grand Prix.

‘Innovation’ Grand Prix: My Line, powered by Google by Mullenlowe SSP3 Bogota for Google

Google is almost synonymous with the internet, but starting May 2018, even people without internet connections in Colombia were graced with its all-knowing prowess. Mullenlowe SSP3 Bogota received the ‘Innovation’ Grand Prix award for ‘Google Line’, a landline telephone number—600613—that allows anyone in the country to contact ‘Google Assistant’ for answers.

‘Entertainment’ Grand Prix: Evert_45 by N=5 Amsterdam for KPN

Every year on 4 and 5 May, the Dutch honor people who died in World War II. To create resonance, advertising agency N=5 Amsterdam invented a fictional vlogger for mobile phone brand KPN. In this spot, the made-up influencer chronicles his life as a young boy during the war.

‘Film Craft’ Grand Prix: Hope by Blur Films Madrid for Red Cross

Blur Films Madrid’s heart-wrenching spot for Red Cross follows a father who rushes his daughter to the hospital in a war zone.

‘Design and PR’ Grand Prix: Trash Isles by LadBible and AMV BBDO for the Plastic Oceans Foundation

AMV BBDO’s pitch to draw attention to a heavily polluted region as large as France has worked out brilliantly. On World Oceans Day, the Plastic Oceans Foundation and LadBible applied to the United Nations for the mountain of trash to become an official country. If approved, ‘The Trash Isles’ will be the “world’s first country made of trash.”

‘Outdoor’ Grand Prix: Next Exit by Cossette for McDonald’s Canada

Image via Cossette

Agency Cossette swooped up one of two ‘Outdoor’ Grand Prix awards with its clever wayfinding campaign for McDonald’s Canada, which turned the iconic ‘Golden Arches’ into directional signs.

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Cannes Lions 2018’s Winning Grand Prix Advertisements That Had People Talking

June 24, 2018 at 07:37PM
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