Adult Tries To Hilariously Analyze Children’s Book, Get’s ‘Traumatized’ Instead

Roger Ebert may have been the most renowned film critic, but online Imgur user KatieRe09 is making her mark as a children’s book critic. While critiques can sound stuffy and pretentious, the thread ‘Kaitlin Critiques A Children’s Book’ is anything but that.

The book review is on ‘A Hungry Lion or A Dwindling Assortment of Animals,’ and Kaitlin doesn’t hold back. In her commentary, she mentions everything from the illustrations, such as the character’s facial expressions, to pointing out major plot holes. To anyone who has ever read a children’s book as an adult and thought ‘this makes no sense,’ this thread will have you cracking up. Scroll down below for the full thread! And if you want more of ‘Kaitlin Critiques A Children’s Book’ check out her other review of ‘This Is Not My Hat.’

Imgur user Kaitlin has started posting online reviews of children’s books

And we must say they are pretty funny

She makes observations on the illustrations

As well as commenting on some holes in the plotlines


She even added in some ‘lessons’ kids can learn from the story



People loved the thread and are asking for more

Adult Tries To Hilariously Analyze Children’s Book, Get’s ‘Traumatized’ Instead
By Dominykas Niaura

July 30, 2018 at 03:01AM
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