A Dizzying Visual Experiment Animates 19 Hours of Single-Shot Video

In a new music video for the musician and DJ Max Cooper(previously), Páraic McGloughlin(previously) turns a single viewpoint over an anonymous highway into a nearly five-minute-long psychedelic collage. The Irish film director was tasked with “visualizing the Platonic realm of form underlying reality,” writes Cooper in a statement about the video. To do so McGloughlin situated himself on a bridge in Sligo, Ireland for 19 hours, to create a single, day-long shot that he then manipulated. The final result is a dizzying mashup of visual effects. Grids, spirals, and pixels  composed of the original video footage flash and swirl across the screen, showing the viewer snapshots of the sky, highway, and grassy hills.

“Aesthetically I love the mix of abstraction and realism and this was a great place for me to explore this,” McGloughlin shares. “Using a fundamental image (a time lapse) to mask and cut into, I tried to show the variable possibilities within a limited time span, maintaining the integrity of each individual photograph while dissecting and rearranging the overall image.” The visual content was matched with each layer of audio created by Cooper to form the song, which stacks up to over one hundred layers. You can watch more videos from McGloughlin on Vimeo and Instagram , and discover Cooper’s music on his websiteand SoundCloud. (via Vimeo Staff Picks)

A Dizzying Visual Experiment Animates 19 Hours of Single-Shot Video
By Laura Staugaitis

October 24, 2018 at 06:11AM
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